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Del the Grocery Gal

Fairfax City and Surrounding Areas

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Del the Grocery Gal


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Many thanks to my wonderful customers who have placed orders with me! If you’re a new customer, I will welcome you with a $10 discount off my shopping/delivery fee on your first order. Also, if you help me promote my business by referring a friend, neighbor or family member who completes an order, I’ll show my gratitude by taking $10 off the shopping/delivery fee on your next order. For addi...

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L Williams A. | December 18, 2020

I almost hate to tell you. Del is the best kept secret. I wanted to keep it to myself, but I can’t! We’ve used the leading shopping service for a few years. Since the pandemic working with them has been frightening. We’ve experienced delivery delays of over six hours, and last minute cancellations or rescheduling. They’ve purchased spoiled food, delivered someone else’s order to us by mistake. People who were not identified as authorized by the company delivered on behalf of the authorized shopper more than once. Let’s not mention unsympathetic customer service. Del on the other hand is almost like having a family member who you’ve asked to help out with shopping. She consults and communicates as she’s shopping, offering alternatives and helpful suggestions. She’s careful to choose quality products, paying attention to expiration dates on perishable items. She makes sure your potato chips aren’t crushed, the ice cream is still frozen, and the bread isn’t smashed. You can tell she’s a professional. Thanks Del! Welcome to our family.

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What my clients say


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