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Aimee Smith


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Hello friends! 

My car is officially repaired, so I am mobile and able to place myself back on the schedule! Thank you so much for your patience :)

Next week is the final week of the school year, so my schedule will alter. My typical daytime availability from Tuesday through Friday will become limited since I don’t have immediate family in the area to look after my boys while I work over the S...

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Bonnie Y. | July 20, 2020

Aimee is a wonderful shopper who treats each order as if she's shopping for her own family. She always suggests substitutions and communicates very well with me on every order I make. She will even suggest limited editions of products that she knows I like, which gives me the option to try new flavors, etc, of the products I already buy. Aimee is extremely conscientious and does her best for each and every customer! I feel safe that I'll get exactly what I ordered when Aimee shops for me!

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