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BMH Delivery Services

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High quality, attentive & reliable personal shopper delivery service

BMH Delivery Services

Toledo, Oregon, Point Place, Sylvania, Temperance and surrounding areas

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BMH Delivery Services


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Get the same personal shopper, every time

Pay in-store prices

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Benefits of ordering with BMH Delivery Services


Always pay in-store prices. No hidden markups.
Remember, I can shop anywhere that you shop, even multiple stores.
Have a question? Message me directly, always!

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Tina D. | April 10, 2020

I can’t adequately express just how happy and satisfied I am with BMH Delivering Service! Brandi was an absolutely wonderful personal shopper/assistant! I have used other shopping apps, but none of them can even begin to meet Brandi’s dedication to fulfilling our needs as she went above and beyond my expectations. I was extremely grateful that she stayed in constant contact with me, letting me know where she was and what items to substitute; she graciously and patiently accepted several changes to my order; she even stopped at two extra stores for me, divided my order between my husband and Mom, and delivered to both addresses; and she followed my OCD virus delivery requests perfectly. Several of my close family members and I have disabilities, immuno-compromised systems, and chronic health issues, so going shopping is pretty much impossible and way too dangerous. I loved that Brandi made me feel comfortable and guilt-free about having to use her services. I also truly appreciated Brandi’s quick and efficient service, her willingness to shop at different stores in the same delivery session, her dedication to my order, and her compassion and understanding toward our health conditions. Brandi is an incredible shopper and assistant. She truly cares about her clients and strives to help make their lives easier and less stressed filled. She not only has high expectations for herself while working FOR you, but has even higher self expectations for working WITH you!

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In-Store prices, ALWAYS!

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5% Platform Fee

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What my clients say


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