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Great shopper with excellent attention to the little things that you like.

Angela H Morgan

Oakwood, Oh

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Jason L. | November 15, 2023

Angela is the best shopper we’ve ever had and we’ve been using various shopping services since 2016. She has put in the effort to learn our preferences yielding a truly personalized experience of excellent substitutions and recommendations based on what the store has on sale. She takes every opportunity to go the extra mile, often shopping two (or more!) stores to complete everything on our list, without us having to ask her to do so. We asked her if she would be willing to bring our plastic bag recycling to the grocery store drop and she does so gladly, removing yet another chore from our list. Angela is friendly, diligent, reliable, and a great shopper that I would highly recommend to anyone.

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In-Store prices, ALWAYS!

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13% of groceries or $15 min

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5% Platform Fee

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