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A professional shopper with a focus on price and transparency.

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Shopping with JaNay


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Benefits of ordering with Shopping with JaNay


Always pay in-store prices. No hidden markups.
Remember, I can shop anywhere that you shop. I can even visit multiple stores for you!

Relax near your phone as you treat yourself to luxury shopping.
Have a question? Message me directly, always!

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Mona M. | June 29, 2022

JaNay went above and beyond to shop for my daughter who is down with COVID. She took an order last night and delivered lots of pampering and delicious goodies this afternoon. Her communication was great and my daughter was thrilled to get this. When I first contacted JaNay to ask if she could recommend a place for great chicken soup in KC (I am in Virginia) that she could deliver to my daughter, she told me that she is also a chef/caterer and offered to make a soup with some special spice that would feel like a hug from me! In fact my daughter (who lost her taste as a symptom of Covid) said she could taste the spice, the chicken noodle soup was “perfect“, and it “feel so good“ – just what I was hoping for! JaNay also made her favorite snickerdoodles and included strawberries for the patient, along with shopping for the personal goodies. She included an extra stop when the first store did not have the peppermint candies I ordered. She kept me posted all along the way. If I lived in KC, I would have her on my speed dial!

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My Typical Pricing


In-Store prices, ALWAYS!

Shopping & Delivery

15% of groceries or $15 min

Platform Fee

5% Platform Fee

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What my clients say


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