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Corpus Christi starting zip 78411, Port Aransas, Ingleside, Rockport, Flour Bluff and Padre Island

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Just-In-Time Personal Shopper


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Benefits of ordering with Just-In-Time Personal Shopper


Always pay in-store prices. No hidden markups.
Remember, I can shop anywhere that you shop, even multiple stores.
Have a question? Message me directly, always!

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Sonya L. | October 14, 2020

I LOVE this service! I just met Justine in person after having worked with her several times through a different shopping service, and she walked me through using Dumpling most efficiently. I love that I can place orders from several different stores and Justine charges only one delivery fee!! I can get all my shopping done in one day. Plus, I can shop from a store that doesn't automatically pop up! All I have to do is ask. That one delivery fee is wonderful, and ends up being cheaper than an Instacart membership. I also LOVE that Justine will stop by my house and pick up coupons to use. I raised five kids and never shopped without coupons, so using Instacart without coupons ended up being expensive, especially considering the mark-up in prices the service charged. Justine includes my receipts with my purchases, so I can see my savings. I love it! The last issue I had using Dumpling the first couple of times was finding products on the app. Justine suggested going directly to the store's website, taking a picture of the items I wanted, and texting it to her. That's so much faster and easier! Now that I know how to navigate the app I much prefer Dumpling to Instacart. On the surface it appears a bit more expensive, but after I factor in multiple delivery fees, membership fees, price markups, and coupons, Dumpling wins my business. That I know who is doing the shopping...and that she's a fellow icing on the cake!

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In-Store prices, ALWAYS!

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5% Platform Fee

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What my clients say


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