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I shop with care - if its not good enough for me it's not good enough for you.

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Always pay in-store prices. No hidden markups.
Remember, I can shop anywhere that you shop, even multiple stores.
Have a question? Message me directly, always!

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Crista H. | August 1, 2022

Better than Instacart or any other delivery service I have tried. Karole is amazing! It feels like I’m shopping with a friend who knows my preferences and accommodates to the nuances I require. Karole communicated every step of the way and gave amazing recommendations on replacements. She is thorough, efficient and the best part, she is personable. I love that Karole takes care of the errands I just can’t get to in the day to day chaos that is life. She has become our favorite personal shopper. We’ve cancelled all of our delivery services and strictly use Karole’s services. Thank you Karole for all you do! We appreciate you so much!

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My Typical Pricing


In-Store prices, ALWAYS!

Shopping & Delivery

15% of groceries or $15 min

Platform Fee

5% Platform Fee

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What my clients say


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