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Terrific Tz Delivery

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A better way to shop! Groceries delivered to your door from your favorite store.

Truda P

East County San Diego - Alpine, Rancho San Diego , Santee, La Mesa, El Cajon, Lakeside & more

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Terrific Tz Delivery


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Pay in-store prices

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Benefits of ordering with Terrific Tz Delivery


👍 I am Fully vaccinated with a booster.
⏰ if you haven’t done it yet, Download and install the app now!
✅ Next day delivery available
➡️ Same day delivery upon approval. Just ask but please ask first.
🛒 if the store you would like me to shop at is not listed, chose pick a store.
🚗 Current availability is - weekdays after 5 pm and Saturday & Sunday before 1 pm
💰The prices in the app are ES...

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What my clients say


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Stephanie S. | April 19, 2022

I think one of the most endearing things about life is finding yourself someone who is extremely kind. As humans we find ourselves to be very selfish and not too keen on being too friendly. Trudo is anything but unkind. She is absolutely wonderful with communication and will make certain that you get what you want, when you want. I have lived on this planet for 32 years and I can say with upmost honesty that this is one of the very few people that I’ve ever had a pleasure meeting with, in terms of food delivery and even in life in general.

Stores & Services

Dumpling is not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with these stores.

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My Typical Pricing


In-Store prices, ALWAYS!

Shopping & Delivery

15% of groceries or $15 min

Platform Fee

5% Platform Fee

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What my clients say


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