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I am shopper that you will never want to let go of ....

Tina Rocks

Olivehurst, Marysville ,Yuba City, Roseville, Auburn, Rocklin, and surrounding cities

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Tinas Time Crusher


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 welcome to my personal shopper business. I look forward to shopping for you, if there's any time where there's a store that you would like to shop at and is not on my list let me know if it is available. I will add it. also, when you were looking for items, there is a search our glass on the bottom left. It's best to type it in last resort after looking into categories, would be to write it in ...

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Madeline C. | April 13, 2024

Good Morning Blessing Tina Hamilton your a professional working machine I've never seen or met anyone like you before but I can give you credit for everything you've done your so awesomely great in everything you do to help others and you go out of your way to help someone in need of help, plus you give great advice and you know everything that's going on and so much more than that I'm very very grateful to have you as my friend I'm so happy that God put you in my path. Thank you so much I appreciate you Tina Hamilton

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In-Store prices, ALWAYS!

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15% of groceries or $15 min

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5% Platform Fee

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What my clients say


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